I've missed you

Well apparently while you are sick...the world still goes on, as it should, I suppose. I'm back from my semi-hiatus. Where was I you wonder? On some amazing tropical adventure with my incredible husband and kids? Touring the amazon backpack style?


I was just sick and holed up at home. I was barely (about 10 minutes a week) on the computer. We had all kind of interesting viruses going through our house. Amazingly enough...we all had something different. I had the flu plus a nasal infection. Christian (2yr old son) had the flu (horrible horrible stuff!) my daughter had the fakes (more to come on this later) and my husband had a cold.

So basically, we have a cocktail of yummy meds going on in our house. cocktail hour is at 6pm...it's okay if you come in your sweats!

Currently I am attempting to pack for vacation, get work done, manage my ever busy children and get the house cleaned. Mostly because when you come back from vacation, you want your house to be cleaned.

Here's to hoping I complete one of the tasks i listed above.


  1. So glad you're back! I hope everyone is feeling better!

  2. So nice to see you are mostly back! ENjoy the real vacation!


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