Currently my status is : SICK AS A DOG...
well truthfully, i have never understood that meaning. "sick as a dog"? What does that really mean? That dogs are sooo sick all the time and i am as sick as one? I see this is going to give me a headache, trying to make some type of sense of this expression.

Since being sick, my cute Hubby has been doing it all. Bless his heart and the women who ends up marrying him when i one day take my last breath. He was Betty Crocker, Mr. Dad and Mr.Mom all rolled into one. I wish i could flip the switch and make myself get better, so i could help out more. I am feeling a little bit better, i switched whatever i had before with a cold. Basically, my nose is stuffy, my throat is sore and I have a headache. I strongly believe the girl i was sitting next to in class on Friday based her germs on to me. She did inform the class that her and her boyfriend suffered a 3 day cold.

Jumping onto a new ship. Maybe you remember my confusion in past blog posts about if i should vaccinate our family for H1N1 or not. We were DEAD set against it two weeks ago. The something happened to me, and i realized for safety issues i at least need to have it, but without the mercury. Then i started thinking of my husband and our children, and realizing the environment that we are in and the germs everywhere. Maybe we will get the H1N1 and my kids will still catch it and somehow be sick, but for me...i think it is something that my family and I need to do.

I hate that there isn't enough time for me to really sit back and look through every single non-biased report to really get a good grip on this. I hate that i don't know what this will do to my kids in 2 or 3, or even 5 years from now. What mom wants to say, "yeah okay, you just made that in the lab and ran a couple of test? yeah sure, go ahead shoot that up in my kids". You want to say, "okay tell me what are the possible long term consequences that my child will have to face? Can we see all the studies, even the ones on babies (which as far as i understand now are extremely few) so we can make a better informed decision instead of feeling the pressure gates close on us to make a decision". I just wish there was time, but there isn't and so i have to hope and pray that what we have decided is best for our family. I pray i don't have to find out the hard way that i made the wrong choice.


  1. I hear ya!! I've been wrestling with the same thing-and have come to the same decision. Two kids with asthma, I guess I don't want to risk the added stress on their system. And yet I still second guess it.

    Feel better soon!!

  2. My husband and I decided against the vaccine, after seeing the youtube video that has circulated of the girl walking backwards.


    I hope you're feeling better soon, my friend!

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. I think the girl walking backwards was not from the swine flu vaccine, it was from just the regular seasonal flu vaccine.

  4. We're on the fence about it. If I can get the vaccine, I will. Heck, if I can get the regular flu vaccine I will, but that's iffy at this point. But I'm still on the fence about the kids....

    Try to get some rest, and feel better!

  5. Hope you feel better soon. I think it's good you vaccinated your family. I am still waiting for another round of vaccine to be available. I should have done it in the beggining


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