As I drove my daughter to school today, I noticed some of the leaves changed colors. Finally. Hello Fall, We have missed you. I loved when i woke up this morning and i looked out my window...it was all groggy outside. I love it when it's like that. Makes me want to cuddle up with a blanket, a book and a movie.

This morning when my half naked daughter came frolicking through our room I almost passed out. Her hair....I don' t think i have ever seen her hair that big before. We also had about 12 minutes to get up, ready, dressed, cleaned up, and fed before school (we woke up late). I knew there was NO WAY I could dig through that a resurrect her calm curls from the crazy girls that were on her head. So I did a pathetic quick brush job on her hair and tossed a headband on. However, the headband did nothing to tame that craziness. So I tossed on some detangler to try and comb it and lay her hair down more flat. No luck, the hair wanted to be big today. I found the hat that my sister-in-law made for my daughter, put that on her head and we called it good. It was still BIG...just not as BIG as it was before. I sent up a few silent prayers that she does not take off her hat at school.

Don't forget to vote for my kids in hte cutest baby/ kid contest.

To vote for Christian. Click Here: Cutest Baby Contest He is #12 (vote to the left hand side)
To vote for Haylie. Click Here: Cutest Kid Contest She is #12 also. (vote to the left hand side)


  1. She is a beauty even with big hair.. My kids are half tongan, they don't have big hair, but a ton.. So I know the pain! (and my niece has big hair) lol

    I will go vote!

  2. just wanted you to know that i voted for both of your adorable children...truly adorable! BTW...we all have bad hair days :)

  3. thank you for the vote! i appreciate it!

  4. i think she looks really cute with the big hair.. pretty ~.~


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