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I have a love of making hair bows and hair clips with flowers on them for my daughter. Who am I kidding, I like making them for myself too. On Monday my daughter and I journeyed off to the nearest craft store for some supplies and made some hair accessories. We made so many that i decided to have a little giveaway to gift some away.

To enter: Please become a follower of this blog and leave a comment.

The winner will be chosen on Friday.

Upcoming Giveaways:
Keep your eyes peeled for these upcoming giveaways.
Halloween necklace
25 days till Christmas Giveaway
$100 Visa gift card
If you want to be a sponsor contact me sbcottage@gmail.com

Also...My kids are in the Cutest baby and Kid contest, so feel free to vote for them if you haven't.
To vote for my son Click here. He is #12 in the Baby section.
To vote for my daughter Click here. She is #12 in the Kid section.


  1. Hi, I am following! Cute hair clips!!!

  2. Hello ~ Thanks for the lovely comment about my jewelry.. I have entered you into my Sept. giveaway.. The winner will be announced on my blog at months end.. I'm following you.. Have a beautiful day!


  3. I truly enjoyed reding through your blog and would have followed whether or not you had a giveaway! But then again, my granddaughter will look soooo cute in one of those hair clips!

  4. I have 5 girls, so I can certainly use hair clips. I am now one of your followers:)

  5. I am officially STALKING you!!! You know you love it.

  6. Count me in! How cute :)

    Hope your kids win that contest--they deserve it, adorable little munchkins! Did I mention I taught preschool for 6 years? I think I'm having withdrawals :)

  7. I love your blog and our Twitter conversations! :) Just wanted to comment and let you know!


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