Things I Love

There are those moments when I am with my family and it is pure bliss.

It is that moment when I look at my husband and he is laying on the floor tickling our children, who of course run away, only to run back in for more.

I love those moments when my DH and I are lying on the couch talking and you can hear Haylie and Christian laughing their heads off.

I love those moments.

I love when I drop Haylie off to preschool and it is just me and Christian enjoying each other for a few hours. It is then that I really get to tune into him and know him.

I love those moments when I pick up Haylie from school and she sees me waiting by the door and runs full force at me to show me her sticker that she got from her teacher.

I love those moments

I love those moments when I am walking around the house and my husband grabs me and tells me how much he loves me...and some other stuff (wink*wink)

I love is when my husband watches the kids so I can go out and take a break and enjoy myself.

I love it when my husband makes dinner…let’s be honest here, it is NOT my strong suit.

I love when my children get along.

What are the moments that you love?


  1. What a great tribute to the small, meaningful moments in life.

    I LOVE having really deep conversations with my boyfriend at random times. And I love when we laugh together and we both forget what was funny.

  2. You are so blessed to have such wonderful moments to love.

  3. beautiful!
    i love that when my boy wakes up too early in the morning, then we hv to put him in bed with us just so we can get another 15 or 20 mins sleep. he'd just play around between us, face to face. though we might be closing our eyes, but we could feel each other's breath.

  4. i love your loves! really makes me smile


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