Too Good for Payless

As a kid we didn’t have a whole ton of money growing up. So payless was usually the go-to place for shoes. From 6th grade till about 10th I hated this. Before 6th grade, I don’t think I really cared, i don’t think anyone really cared about “brands” and all that hoopla until the 6th grade.

Once I turned 15 and a half I was working at McDonald’s buying my own Puma’s and Nikes…goodbye Payless. Now, it wasn’t just because it was “Payless” that I hated (and I do mean hated) their shoes…it was the fact that I and countless other victims were basically crucified at school for our “Payless kicks”. Now they make the shoes much cuter. But then, It was extremely obvious you were wearing payless shoes. Usually because you were wearing the shoes that was featured in the commercial, or because they were so plain it was obvious they had to have come from there. My mother once bought me Addida knock offs at Payless….the jokes went on for DAYZ! I would wear long pants to try and cover up the 4th stripes, because everyone knows Addidas only has 3 stripes not 4…why call unnecessary attention to myself by wearing knock offs with 4 stripes.

Fast-forward to two and a half weeks ago.

Two and a half weeks ago I had to by my daughter her ballet shoes and tap shoes. The teacher recommended Payless. I could tell that she noticed I was uncomfortable when she said the word “Payless”. I was uncomfortable. I visibly shuddered and tried to control the acid reflex I could feel churning its way up. I pasted on a smile and walked out of there thinking, “No kid of mine is wearing payless kicks!” I took myself to a few stores around town, target, Khols…that whole bit, in search of tap and ballet shoes, no such luck. So I did what I thought I would never do.

I braced myself and walked into payless looking for tap and ballet shoes. Low and behold, they had them. Not only did they have them…but they were dang cute and the ballet shoes looked wayyyy better than the cheapo foam looking ones I seen at target. I had no idea that payless is partnered with the ADT (American Dance Theater). I was so impressed by the shoes. After buying her shoes I browsed around the store looking at all the shoes they had to offer…and HELLO when did they get so cute? Did I miss this train? Or is it now that I am a parent I can see a different perspective? I was in shoes heaven. I was making notes in my head what I was going to come back and buy.

I was telling My DH how adorable the shoes were, and how I cannot believe we were buying our kids $40.00 Nikes and crap like that when we could get these dang cute shoes for $12 bucks. Of course, like any man, hewas excited because, well…anything that saves money makes him happy. He did say though, once they hit 5th grade kids can be brutal and we should cross payless off that list when time comes. How did I ever think I was better than Payless? When did I become “that” person? Well it’s nice to get off that high horse and rest my booty on the couch with the more sensible people.


  1. I love it!!

    Seriously, Payless has some CUTE shoes sometimes!!

    The 4th stripe story cracked me up! I went to a private school and it was very snooty. We were middle class but one of the "poor" families. I remember my brother was wearing a shirt from JC Penney and his horse (maybe it was Hunt Club?) had four legs...a Polo shirt has a horse with 3 legs...so silly!

    Glad you rediscovered Payless!

  2. Lovin your posts!!!! You need to write a book... :)

  3. oh... i'm sorry about how things have been to you back in your 5th grade days... i'd be honest. my mom used to send us so many shoes from payless and they really rock! OMG! unbelievably low priced! and my friends are almost green with envy. yeah maybe things are getting better nowadays... ^_^


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