Self Esteem

For the record I seriously tweaked my neck sneezing while bending down..and I can't move it! It hurts so bad i want to cry. However, I wrote this post last night when I got back from the mall...so i had to post it for ya'll!

If you are ever looking to take a real shot to the self-esteem then take yourself to the mall.

As I walked into the mall I immediately felt like I looked like a defeated mom. You know those moms...you see them everywhere. It's the mom with the wrinklie top and the bottoms that have some concoction of something from your child's hands or mouth. Your hair generally looks like it is still caught in the wind, even though you are indoors and there is no wind. You then realize that you are dressed in clothes that are durable and sensible...basically, they scream "I'm an overworked mom!".

Maybe you are sporting the "backpack" or a "diaper bag" that acts like a purse (2 in 1). Your friends make fun of you because even when you go somewhere without the kid/s you take your diaper bag. Why mess up a good thing and transfer your stuff from a diaper bag to a purse only to have to return it back to the diaper bag hours later. Maybe you put on makeup that day. Or if you are like me, you tossed a coin this morning to either do makeup or do your hair. Hair won out, so no make up today.

The amount of effort I put into myself this morning is dismal. Not only did I wear a shirt sporting a few good sized holes down my arm, I also wore it inside out half the day!

Yes, going to the mall can be a shock to the system. Not that my goal in life is to look like a beauty queen contestant, I just want to go for the less drabby "I'm an exhausted, beat down, rundown, overworked mom". So the idea: well it's time to buy some new clothes. Not that i am going to break the bank and spend money i don't have. I am going to buy a few versatile items i can mix and match with and hope for the best.

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  1. I've recently been thinking the EXACT same thing. Every time I pull something from the closet it either has a hole or has shrunk 2 sizes from being worn and washed over and over. I have nothing in my closet that doesn't SCREAM "mommy gear!" I was just telling my mom a couple of weeks ago that it might be time for a mini closet makeover. I desperately need new clothes. Granted, I was hoping to lose a few lbs. before buying new clothes, but it's getting to the point where I'm almost embarrassed to leave the house in what I'm wearing! LOL!

  2. Hi: I am now following you from Twitter Mamas.
    Love your blog layout!

  3. Sadly, I fit the category! Only sometimes do I wear something that makes sense and also have makeup on. :)

  4. Ah, the joys of motherhood to look forward to! ;o)

  5. Your posts make me smile :) I'm not a mom yet, so I really can't empathize. But I must admit I have seen this worn down look--especially when I taught preschool. I look worn down several days a week, so what's my excuse? Um, I'll need to think about that...

  6. wow! this is totally me...the mall really can do alot to our thoughts. i can relate to the clothes, makeup, hair, and bag. hope your neck feels better soon.

  7. Ahhh yes, I remember those days. Treat yourself to at least one outfit that you would have bought before kids. Something that reminds you that you are a woman and not just a mommy. I do hope your neck is better.

  8. New clothes are always great to have as a pick me up. I know once my daughter was potty trained, I felt like a new woman. So, I let myself have a little shopping spree at our local vintage shop :)


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