Utah vs. California

I feel like I have been interviewing everyone I know about Utah. It started with me telling people that we are planning to move to Utah in a few months, and live closer to my husband’s family. People here were telling me I wouldn’t like it….it’s “different” they would say. Will it be a bit of culture shock? Yeah, I’m sure it will be. Will it be weird to go inside a mall and not see a group of girls in bare midriffs rockin’ “bull’s eye” tattoos? Sure.

Hopefully the area I am moving to will be diverse, or somewhat diverse. Will I “blend” in Utah? The answer is: Most likely not. If I cannot blend in California, my personality is bound to not blend there and of course leave many confused by my usually normal sarcastic behavior which will of course be misconstrued as RUDE &HATEFUL, I’ll be blacklisted by all the Mormons. This will then cause me countless hours of tears and trying to find a doctor to give me anti-depressants, just to fit in.

Anyway, so there is a good chance I will have no friends in Utah, which truly is fine by me. As my husband felt the need to remind me I gave up my “so called social life” for volunteer work, so that I can complete the volunteer hours required to get into med-school. So, between kids, my school, work, and their school…it probably works out best.

I would probably be their friend then blow them off and never call and hang out because I am too busy, then they would be completely offended. We would make fake “let’s get together” dates…when really we both know we won’t. Kind of like when you see a friend (or extended family member) that you haven’t seen in a little bit and you run out of conversation so you end by saying something like, “we really need to get together and have lunch, or do a date night”. But you are both aware that as soon as you walk out that door no one is calling anyone to schedule anything, you both know what you were doing…you were pretending.

I digress…so yes, I have heard the “church is different out there”. Then when I had people explain to me what they meant. I better understood that, actually, the church is the same there as it is here and everywhere else an LDS church is located. However, the people there are “different”, or so I hear. Most people seemed to be at a loss for how to describe Mormons in Utah to me. What do you mean they are different? “Do they all have third nipples and puss streaming uncontrollably from their eyes? “ Of course not, I was informed. Well…What the HAIL is wrong with them then? Finally I was informed that there is some clickety click click clicks in Utah. Big woop dee do da. I could have told you that and I don’t even live there. Stuck up? Check. Snobs? Check. Self-Righteous? Double check. Just kidding.....well kind of. There are definitely large parts of California that represent this...Hello southern California. Personally, I like to believe that not all of Utah is like that, it can’t be right? I am sure I have an overly judgmental view, why? Is it from being in California too long and listening to too many people rag on Utah Mormons? Or is it just that most Mormons from Utah..come off a bit…well, different?


  1. I just moved back from Utah, we were there for a year. I am proud to admit I ACTUALLY ENJOYED LIVING THERE! Of course it is different, there were things I couldn't get used to like the lack of good shopping and the fact that everyone is so cheap they wont actually buy anything because they can "make it cheaper at home." Well, no duh, I spend the money cause I am too lazy to make it at home!!! Things there will bug you, you will see a trend in how everyones fashion is about 3 seasons behind and you aren't sure if they really do like you or if they are just being nice, I learned that most of them are really just THAT nice. I preferred to not hang out with people from the ward since they were also my neighbors and shopped at the same grocery store, but I did find friends and we did have fun. So go to Utah, have fun, make fun of it, take your kids to the $2 petting zoo, and do your grocery shopping at the SuperCenters (they are the best thing ever!), love the really cheap movie nights with DH and the even cheaper gas prices! And when you are done with Utah you will realize that you wouldn't want to be there forever but you don't necessarily want to go back to Cali either. Thank you, you've just inspired a post for me as well!

  2. $2 petting zoo? i am all about that. Cheaper gas? yeah i can do that. I did forget how overly creative people in Utah are...guess i'll be one of the bums that buys my kids clothes because i don't know how to make them. I have 2 sister in laws from Utah...they are sooo stinkin nice that you wanna smack em. It's not a how either, they really are that nice. Maybe if i am Utah that long i can be reformed and be nice like that..maybe. I'm all about cheap movies. I am excited about Utah..i think you are right..i will probably love it but wouldn't want to live there forever.

  3. I think California Mormons and Utah Mormons are weird... take THAT! haha!

    You'll be fine... really. I think you may just freeze to death. That's really the worst part... Oh, and church is more boring. Less converts, more cliches... yada yada, but you'll make friends! In fact... I already know someone you HAVE to meet! Her name is Tamu!

  4. I won't fight you on that. Californian Mormons are weird..we are just "relaxed" is what i like to call it:)
    I am most definitely concerned about the freezing to death..and the driving in the snow.
    It can't be to bad...if it all goes to crap i'll just attach myself like glue to my inlaws.

  5. I think there are positives and negatives just like anywhere else. Think about all the awesome experiences you can have being close to so many temples and the hub of the church. I think the most shocking thing for me is that its not as "perfect" as you sometimes think it will be. There is more diversity than ever in Utah (granted there are still probably some less and some more). I didn't like BYU when I was there because I felt we lived in a bubble, but now that I'm older and look back in it, I appreciate that time in my life more. I definitely think its for some and not for others. We are slowly warming up to Utah but who knows if we'll ever end up there. I think you can definitely find good and bad there or nice or stuck up. It definitely is different! Enjoy it and look at it as an opportunity to decide who you really want to be! Exciting and crazy times ahead!

  6. I grew up there, go back to visit family frequently, not a Mormon and I think it is OK place to live. I believe it was more difficult in the past to mix in with the Mormons but not anymore. Plenty of diversity now-a-days. Sure it has its eccentricities but I have lived in a number of different states and I find all of them have their regional quirps. Just be careful of neighbors bearing Jello gifts. ;) You will find out what I mean....LOL


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