And the winner is...

My daughter wanted to help me announce the winner for the hair bow/flower clip contest.
Try not to gaze into the messy background ....which is my messy office.

The Winner, if you wouldn't hear or see the paper was: The Lost Earring . I will contact you and get your mailing address so I can send this out to you.

Have a Happy Friday!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my gosh :) That was sooooo cute! What a neat way to find out I won something. I just came to check out your costume post from the Etsy forum, scrolled down and got this great surprise! Yay!

    You can convo me via my Etsy shop:

    Or you can e-mail me if that's easier:
    thelostearring (at) yahoo dot com

    Thanks so much :)


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