Not me Monday

I did not feed my kids Pillsbury Rolls and Cheese for dinner because I was sick of dealing with picky eaters. I love making 5 and sometimes 6 different things for dinner in hopes that my kid will eat one of them. Bread and cheese? What are they, inmates? No, I would never do anything like that.

I did not completely tweak my neck while bending down to grab my son's toy car and sneezing. Even when the pain wore off, I certainly didn't play it up like I was still hurt just to get a good neck rub and to get pampered by my DH. That just isn't me, I would do something like that.

I did not completely ignore my daughter while she had a tantrum (major melt down) because she didn't want her corn dog at the harvest festival so I gave it to her brother. Like any good mother, I would have set that corn dog on a silver platter for when hell freezes over and she decides she may want it again. I am not the kind of mother to ignore my child during a melt down..in public! Not me.

I did not try to get out of cooking dinner by boosting up my DH's ego and telling him what a wonderful fantastic cook he is, and how we would starve without him. I like to have my apron on at 4:30 with my lipstick just right and a 3 course dinner on the table at 5pm when my hubby is off work. That's just the kind of wife i am. I would never try to get out of cooking a meal, Never. That just isn't me.

I did not develop carpel tunnel while typing like a lunatic because Robin McGraw was writing to me on twitter...ME! I definitely believe in using grace when typing...not hammering away at the computer keys like they did something wrong. It is completely tacky and tasteless for the people around you in borders to think you don't know how to type without banging on the keys because a celebrity was talking to you. How classless. That for sure was not me, nope, not at all.

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  1. Cooking, ugh! And you've definitely learned some good tricks of the trade. I've never faked an injury to get back rubs! ;)

  2. This was so hilarious to read...have a good Monday!

  3. I think I need to fake a back injury today to get a good back rub!

  4. I know Mondays are the best aren't they! Great way to start off the week. At least we can laugh at yourselves. I am thinking about trying the neck thing when Dh gets home. Good one! :)

  5. Ha ha! Too funny :) I'm starting to appreciate Mondays thanks to you!

    Holy cow Robin McGraw huh! That's awesome, but it doesn't surprise me you could get that kind of attention with your hilariously insightful remarks :)

  6. I'm not right there with you in the feeding picky eaters!!!! Great post.

  7. Robin? That is cool. And I know what you mean by milking it. As if they don't. ;-) And I'm all for turning the deaf ear towards tantrums...LOL great post today..btw, it seems as if we are following each other today...LOL

  8. Hi there. you left a comment on my blog yesterday about my daughter Nyla. She had surgery to get a cyst removed by her eye. Nothing major...

  9. I think ignoring kids during melt downs is really the only thing to do : ) Not that you would ever do that or anything!

    I am visiting a few Not Me's tonight and I am so glad I saw yours : ) Very clever! And I just love your blog name! It is perfect!


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