Not me Monday

How was your week? I hope it was fabulous! Enjoy the NOT ME MONDAY.

I did not allow my kids to spend the day hanging out in their underoos. I am the kind of mom that believes there kids should be dressed in clothes at all times! I would never allow them to wear their underwear around the house all day! Nope, not me.

I did not keep finding excuses last week to put off cleaning my house. I am a HOMEMAKER and i take my job seriously! I believe every little teeny tiny thing has it's place and i strive to put everything in its place and dust all day long. I would not continuously blow off cleaning, Nope, not me.

I did not have a million obligations on Saturday that i slowly but surely extracted myself from with the belief that sometime you just have to say "no" and take time for yourself. I am a Yes girl. I really think people should say "yes" to anything they are asked. I would not blow off obligations for a day to relax, not me at all. I like working hard to the bone:)

I did not try to talk my husband into being a stay at home dad while I go to medschool to cut back on the dysfunctional therapy that everyone thinks my kids will need when they are older. When my husband laughed and said "that i was cute" i did not try even harder to get him to be a SAHD. Nope not me...hello, i am so aware that my cute hubby has a business to run.

I did not completely forget that my Son had karate class on Saturday. I keep a planner, i remember everything...i would never forget to remind my husband (mr. forgetful) to take our only son to karate. No..that was not me.


  1. yeah, I don't put a lot on my plate either...and I don't put off cleaning...and...LOL the list continues.

  2. Didn't pass up the walk in the park with my husband & daughter for some quality time & oh yeah, exercise... "not me". =)

  3. Happy SITS sitsa! I did not sleep in until noon and have put off running for 4 hours! So...
    What brings you to Utah? I moved here 4 months ago, and cried and cried, but it's been better than I anticipated!

  4. i love how you were not trying to convince your husband to be a SAHD :)

  5. Love your humor and sarcasm! What a funny post! thx for stopping by my blog :)

  6. Yeah! I've had Mondays like this!

  7. What a great way to look at it! I use a similar method, instead of crossing things off of my TO DO List, when I complete the items I add them to my TA DA! list. It really helps to look at the things in a more positive way :)


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