What 5+ years of marriage has taught me

- My husband is a better cook than I am.

- Legally I have not changed to my husband’s last name. I keep thinking I’ll do it…but I really like MY last name…I mean I had it for decades, I have a hard time with change. Maybe for the 10year I’ll officially change my last name to match my husband’s…maybe

- In all honesty, my husband is right about %90 of the time. I still argue my point across even when I know I am wrong…I figure maybe he’ll just get tired of me trying to “prove” my point that he’ll toss me a bone and give up the debate…but he rarely does

-I am such a homebody. Although I always liked going out and doing things here and there and everywhere prior to marriage and kids…I really am just comfy being wherever my family is

- I need and enjoy my vacations ALONE. When I say alone..i mean, no hubby and no kids. I love them all very much…but I am seriously so much more refreshed and nicer to be around when I have reacquainted myself with me again.

- No matter how hard my husband tries I will never love any of the Rocky movies, or be able to sit through a John Wayne movie without looking like I am in pure pain.

- The longer I am married to my husband, the more I love him. When I think of how much I loved him when we first got married it felt like a ton then, but when I really look at it from then to now, I think it was just a small bit compared to how much I love him now

- Playing sick every once in a while is beneficial to you. Don’t overdo it though

- You can teach a dog new tricks. I have only had to deal with the toilet seat being left up 2 times in 5 years.

- My husband likes to be pampered just as much as i do.

- Money doesn't grow on trees...i was devastatingly shocked by this news

-Perfection is highly overrated and unnecessary.

**I wonder what 10 years of marriage will teach me, what has marriage taught you?***


  1. 20 years of marriage has taught me a lot about FAITH, COMPROMISE and most importantly LOVE!

  2. Congrats on 5 years! My husband cooks, too!

  3. 9 years has taught me to always be honest and to compromise.

  4. What a wonderful post! Keep enjoying what you do and don't have in common and support each other. After 13 years of marriage & 5 years divorced I have learned that it truly takes 2 committed people and if, after much effort, it doesn't work out, there is something wonderful waiting for you if you take time to recover. (May you never have to learn that lesson - I'll just assure you that it's true!)


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