Poison Control: Yes, we have a problem

Numbers you should know by heart: Poison Control number.

You would think that after 3 years with 2 kids my husband and I would have poison control on speed dial, or know that number by heart anyway...but alas, we don't.

We are the family that has the ER on speed dial, because my son likes to run up our medical bills and frequent the nurses for some undivided attention.

anywho...back to my story. So when my daughter was what I thought safely tucked into bed sound asleep...she apparently wasn't.

After hear what i thought was her bedroom door closing, My Dh called her downstairs so she could come out of her room from her nap. She was dillydallying and about 15 minutes later brought her self on downstairs, grabbing her tummy. I noticed that she has toothpaste all over her...like she trying to take a bath in it! More like she was trying to rub it in like lotion actually. She had it on her arms, legs, face, and hands.

Then my daughter grabs her tummy harder and says,
"My tummy hurts Daddy, It's full of toothpaste"

My children...whom i love, don't mistake that, always seem to pull the best "stunts" when i am sick. I have currently been on a sick bed for 2 weeks. Sick as a dog! They colored on the carpet...for kicks amongst other things.

So any who, after talking to the Poison control person on the phone, he tells my DH to give her some milk and just monitor. He says she should be fine and if she vomits then we need to bring her in to the ER. So far she has kept everything down.

My daughter I believe has a love for ingesting things that can be poison. She has consumed perfume, lotion, and shampoo in large doses in her 3 years of life.

What this all really means: is that tomorrow i will be busy once again reorganizing things out of her room or out of her bathroom and into mine so she can keep her busy body self out of things she shouldn't be in. Have your kids ever consumed something that was poisonous or considered poisonous because they took it in large doses?

**I will announce the winner for the Disney costume giveaway either later tonight or tomorrow**


  1. My daughter drank a TON of bubbles one day and was throwing up like crazy! The bubbles were really cheap ones and had nothing about ingredients, if they were toxic or not, etc. so I had to call posion control! She also used to love sucking on the clorox wipes when she was like 16 months and I yelled at here one day and said, "THOSE ARE TOXIC AND YOU WILL DIIIIE!" so now if I don't want her to touch something I just say "no, it's toxic" and she wont even try.

  2. When my daughter was 2, she had a cold and we gave her orange flavored cold medicine that she loved. She woke us up in the morning and announced that she was all better because she took her medicine all by herself. She dragged a chair from the dining room to kitchen and got the medicine from the back of the counter. She had to have her stomach pumped and to this day hates to take medicine!

  3. Sorry, but I totally relate to this! M got into my purse one day, and ate 3 tums when she was just 12 months old. I ofcourse panicked and called Poison control, and they laughed at me. Told me nothing would come of it, and her tummy would be just fine... Then I called once when she was 2, because I caught her sucking on the suntan lotion bottle. They told me the same thing. Milk and watch for vomiting! She turned out just fine. For her anyways ;)

  4. OK, since you asked, there was the time my son ate my birth control pills.

    And the other time when he ate a whole lot of chewable children's vitamins from a bottle that was supposedly sealed and child-proof.

  5. Oh my gosh - that is funny even though I know that at the time it was not! Here's to hoping she eats nothing else that she shouldn't!


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